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If you wouldn’t write it on a postcard, then you shouldn’t send it in a traditional e-mail.

This is a good rule of thumb for all forms of digital communications, especially after the introduction of the new Personal Data Act brought about by the GDPR regulations. Businesses and enterprises risk receiving a fine equivalent to 4% of their turnover should they be found in breach of the rules.

Can you envisage a solution that makes it easy for you to write e-mails and send attachments while also ensuring that this happens in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations?

This was something we could see, which is why we developed Verji with the aim of simplifying your day-to-day activities while safeguarding personal information.

In addition, what if Verji could organise your communications in a clear and concise way, saving you valuable time in the process?

All your messges from all your devices - protected. encrypted.secured! Try Verji SMC -
                is an Old Norse word that means “Protector” and is the name used for Rosberg’s encrypted communications solutions. 
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 What can 
do for you?
  • Ensure that you can communicate encrypted in compliance with data protection laws

  • Make communications secure, clear, and straightforward

  • Provide you with the possibility of communicating in group rooms

  • Provide you with 2-factor authentication

  • Protect you against CEO fraud

  • Ensure that you can authenticate those you communicate within real-time through Verjification

Verji communication
Verji communication

What is CEO fraud?

Explained briefly, CEO fraud is the hacking for information of e-mail accounts connected to a company’s chairman, managing director, or financial officer. Once obtained, the hackers carefully observe the payment practices used by the company.

When the hackers have become familiar with the company’s routines, they start their scam by instructing management to make false payments.

Several hundred million kroner is swindled in this way in Norway every year, and it is a trend that is on the increase.

By using Verjified communications you can enhance security against this type of fraud.​

Verji communication

With Verji you can easily exchange messages and send all types of attachments.