Edward Snowden reveals SMS Hacking| Rosberg News

Haugesund 5. Of October 2015


Mr Snowden explained that the SMS message sent by the agency to gain access to the phone is invisible for the receiver.

After infection they can see "who you call, what you've texted, the things you've browsed, the list of your contacts, the places you've been, photograph you and a lot more."

Odd Helge Rosberg's, LinkedIn Post on IMSI Catchers in Oslo

Haugesund 30. Of June 2015


The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten revealed in December 2014, that they together with the British company Delma had done a research in Oslo and found clear evidence that there were IMSI-catchers in use in our capital.

Last week they reveled new information and our CTO, Odd Helge Rosberg, have written a summary of the surveillance case with link to relevant articles, Click here to read the summary

Odd Helge Rosberg TV Interview- Surveillance in Norway

Haugesund 29. Of January 2015


The newspaper Aftenposten recently revealed surveillance of mobile phones outside the Norwegian Parlament building and prime business area in Oslo. Click here to watch the TV interview with Rosberg`s CTO commenting on the mobile security risk picture. Click here to read the article in Aftenposten.


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