Read Rosberg's latest blog with regards to the latest Apple patching. Find more, go to

September 13, 2016


Apple recently released an emergency patch for the iOS system, designed to resolve three zero day vulnerabilities.  However, there is more to this quick patch. 

BBC World News demonstrates how your smartphone can be hacked, to find more go to

August 9, 2016


BBC world News  have made an interesting video showing that anybody can download software and use it to take control of your mobile phone.

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Check out this article from from The Scotsman about cyber security threats.Rosberg CTO keynotes this summit and addresses these threats. Check for more

May 27, 2016


The Scotsman reports from The global Security & Cyber Security Summit in Aberdeen, where Rosberg's CTO had a keynote addressing Cyber Security threats!

Check out this news video from CBS 60 mins. For more info, check out

April 18, 2016


Check out these videos where 60 minutes gives an interesting demonstration of how easy it is to listen in on your phone calls and read your text messages and emails. If you ever had any doubt if your organization need an encrypted communication platform, this should be the videos you need to convince management. To know how Verji SMC can protect your phone, click here.


Check out this article from Sky News about the FBI-Apple Issues. Check for more
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Snooper's charter: wider police powers to hack phones and access web history, for more go to

March 1, 2016


The discussion is going on regarding FBI`s request to be able to do surveillance on Apple devices, and on Government surveillance in general. Check out these articles from Sky News and The Guardian. In today`s blogpost we present Rosberg`s view on some of the surveillance issues.

ROSBERG'S CTO, Odd Helge Rosberg delivering a lecture at the HackCon when his mobile's alarm went off due to a fake base station, to read more click here.

February 18, 2016


CTO at security company Rosberg System today held a lecture to a packed conference hall at the HackCon conference.

During the conference the alarm went off on his mobile phone after discovering a fake base station outside the conference building. Click the picture to the left to read the article, click here to read a English translation.


(To read the English translation, please click here)

Signs of Stingray at Parliament | Rosberg News

January 28, 2016


In this excerpt from 'Britain's Secret Surveillance,' VICE NEWS finds signs of secret phone surveillance at the UK parliament. 

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