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Keyboard and Mouse
 What can 
do for you?
  • Ensure that you can communicate encrypted in compliance with data protection laws

  • Make communications secure, clear, and straightforward

  • Provide you with the possibility of communicating in group rooms

  • Provide you with 2-factor authentication

  • Protect you against CEO fraud

  • Ensure that you can authenticate those you communicate within real-time through Verjification

Our Instruction videos provide you with an insight into Verji features

If you navigate around our video archive you will gain good insight into the features found in Verji.

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Planned features
– provide us with your feedback and suggestions for our Roadmap

In order to plan further development of Verji and to prioritise new features that shall come to fruition, we use a Roadmap. We have chosen to open our Roadmap allowing you, as a customer, the possibility to influence our development. You can do this by providing comments on features we have planned, evaluated, or have ideas about. You also have the possibility of voting for function so as to enhance priority or make suggestions about functionality.    

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