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What risk do IMSI-catchers represent?

IMSI-catchers are fake base stations

IMSI is the identity of mobile subscriptions. An IMSI-catcher is a device used to intercept mobile communications by breaking into the communications between the cell phone and the base station. It is thus a false base station used for man-in-the-middle-attack.


The cheapest variant can be bought online for less than 200 US dollars, while the most advanced ones cost several hundred thousand dollars.


Recent years' revelations about surveillance products confirm that surveillance of smartphones can extract information on your phone, including being able to activate the microphone and camera to be able to eavesdrop.

The Ministry of Finance warns against IMSI catchers


In an article in VG on 12 March 2021, VG writes about the Ministry of Finance, which warns employees against mobile surveillance.


- It is true that we have uncovered activity from a fake base station located in our immediate area. A notification about this has been issued to the employees in the Ministry of Finance and the Council on Ethics from our ICT manager says communications manager Therese Riiser Wålen to VG.


The reason why the Ministry of Finance discovered this threat is that they use Rosberg IMSI-catcher protection. This alerts when such base stations are detected.


We are proud of our contribution to securing the Ministry of Finance and the Petroleum Fund against espionage.

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Fake celltowers - protection by Verji SMC

If you want to secure your company against the monitoring dangers that fake base stations represent, as the Ministry of Finance has done, we can help you!

Rosberg IMSI-catcher Protection is used for area protection against false base stations. We deploy sensors that protect by alerting key personnel when IMSI catchers are detected. In this way, the company can take the necessary measures to ensure that information does not go astray. Rosberg can also assist with a deeper analysis of the events.


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