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If you wouldn’t write it on a postcard, then you shouldn’t send it in a traditional e-mail

This is a citation from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, whose website contains the following: “Unencrypted e-mail does not go directly from sender to receiver but via many different hubs prior to reaching the receiver. Such communications can be monitored.”

The fact that e-mail is such an unsafe communications channel as that described by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority would indicate it is imperative that you encrypt sensitive information when sending. Following the introduction of the new Personal Data Act, you are now obliged to encrypt communications that contain personal information. These rules were issued simultaneously with the EU directive (GDPR) for data protection and privacy and are concerned with the treatment of an individual’s personal information. Breach of these regulations can result in a fine equivalent to 4% of an enterprise’s turnover.  




According to the industry standards issued by the Association of Norwegian Real Estate Agents in relation to the handling of personal information, external communications that contain specially categorised personal information or personal ID numbers must be encrypted. 

It is further stated that: “The information handled by agents is personal information that carries consequences for the registered persons should such information fall into the wrong hands or is incorrect ….. Potential consequences for registered persons as a result of a security breach can include identity theft, loss of bidding rounds, financial loss connected to property purchase/sale etc.”      


Can you envisage a solution that makes it easy for you to do the following:

  • Write messages and send attachments

  • Ensure that sending is encrypted and in compliance with data protection laws

  • Secure your clients against identity theft and financial loss

This was something we could see, which is why we developed Verji to simplify your day-to-day activities. Verji ensures that it is secure and straightforward to communicate.

Verji – for secure communications that are legally compliant

“Almost as many GDPR fines have been issued so far this year as for the whole of last year”

Verji for Real Estate Agents

4 important reasons to start using Verji

Communicate easily and securely in compliance with privacy and personal information laws

  • Communicate with your customers without having to worry if your message contains personal information

  • Provide your customers with a secure and effective communications channel that allows for easy exchange of information in both directions without having to initiate extra encryption measures

  • Allow your clients to feel secure when they are sending sensitive information      

Avoid fines for you and your customers

  • If you decide to send information or attachments that contain personal unsecured information, your enterprise risks receiving a fine the equivalent of up to 4% of turnover

  • As of the beginning of February 2021 almost as many GDPR related fines were issued as for the whole of 2020. This reflects the enhanced focus of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority in relation to secure communications.

Protect you and your customers against identity theft and fraud

  • Personal information that falls into the wrong hands can have significant consequences such as identity theft, loss of bidding rounds or other financial loss

  • CEO fraud or Business Email Compromise can sound like a remote problem but in today’s digital world it is anything but far away!

    • Millions are lost every week through such fraud

    • It occurs through hackers monitoring e-mail information over time and sending false payment instructions

    • Real estate agents can be exposed to this type of fraud through unsecured communications with accountancy offices, auditors, or other bodies connected to the company’s financial transactions

  • Verji secures customers and enterprises against this type of fraud through encrypted communication with a high level of security

Communicate easily, effectively, and securely

  • Verji is a tool that is easy to use while providing you with unique possibilities to secure, make effective, and organise your communications

  • You can

    • Communicate without being concerned if your messages contain personal information

    • Send messages to individual persons

    • Create group rooms and easily communicate with several persons

    • Send all types of attachments (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, scanned documents, images, videos etc.)

    • Easily exchange documents that should be signed and returned

  • You not only safeguard the integrity of personal information but also sensitive company information

  • You have at your disposal tools that continually adapt to the business sector’s needs

  • You can influence the development of Verji by contributing to our Roadmap

See our instruction videos for a comprehensive overview of the functions to be found in Verji.

Beneficial agreement with the Association of Norwegian Real Estate Agents

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For the Association of Norwegian Real Estate Agents, it is very important that the sector adheres to GDPR laws. For this reason they have entered into a beneficial agreement that allows members to purchase Verji communications solutions without having to pay the usual start-up costs (normally NOK 4990.00).

The investment will be NOK 250 per employee per month who communicates internally and externally and NOK 80 per month per employee who only communicates internally. Invoiced annually.

The beneficial agreement also ensures that real estate agents contribute with feedback such that Verji continually adapts to the needs of the business sector.

For more information or to place an order, call Rosberg at +47 90 53 24 54    

Webinar on the personal information law and encrypted communications    

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7th March 2019


Rosberg and the Association of Norwegian Accountants arranged a webinar about the personal information law and encrypted communications.
Click here to view the webinar.

Brief information about CEO fraud

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Explained briefly, CEO fraud is the hacking for information of e-mail accounts connected to a company’s chairman, managing director, or financial officer. Once obtained, the hackers carefully observe the payment practices used by the company.

When the hackers have familiarised themselves with the company’s routines, they then commence with their fraudulent work by instructing the accounts offices of the targeted company’s customers to make false payments.

Several hundred million kroner is swindled in this way in Norway every year, and it is a trend that is on the increase.


This is why it is important to establish a communications channel that can not be monitored, which entails end-to-end encryption.

Secure your messages and attachments through encryption

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Verji provides a total and secure communications channel.

With Verji you can easily exchange messages and all types of attachments. 

For more information or to place an order, call Rosberg at +47 90 53 24 54