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The Security Challenge when connecting roaming computer devices

​The traditional methods for connecting roaming computer devices break rule number one when it comes to firewall rules, they connect from the outside into the device instead of initiating the connection from the inside.

The traditional methods open a way into the device.To remediate this, one has to use advanced and costly security mechanisms, driving cost and complexity.

On inexpensive M2M devices, it may be impossible to achieve an acceptable level of security given the limited processing and storage capabilities of these devices.

The solution is VERJI CONNECT – Secure connection to all kinds of roaming devices.

Verji Connect represents ‘out of the box’ thinking, giving an extremely high level of security on even inexpensive devices. Using the patented Verji Connect procedure, you can instruct your company's remote M2M devices and Smart devices, even those located behind a firewall, to connect whenever you want it to, by using an encrypted, wired or wireless VPN. Devices with limited communication options may be connected to a Verji Box* through a local network (wired or wireless), and where the VerjiBox* would handle the remote connection procedure.

*A VerjiBox is a small plug computer with 3G modem, which we use as a gateway.

The                       Connect software can also be implemented on SIM cards.
represents  a new era in security for Smart Devices.
The Security Challenge for Smart Devices

Smart devices carrying sensitive data will often be stolen mainly for the information itself. Statistics from the Norwegian Security Council documents that laptops from companies with R&D department have an 80 % higher theft ratio compared to companies without R&D department. The first step for the thief is to detach the battery so that the owner can’t reach the device through 3G. He will then work on the hard drive to drain the information stored.

The solution is VERJI LOCK – A new era in Security for Smart Devices


Verji Lock`s main advantage is that information stored on the smart device can only be accessed when the device is operational. Verji Lock has no user involvement, it is easy to install and cost efficient.

With Verji Lock the encryption keys will be removed from the device when the device doesn’t operate, for instance when it hibernates. The keys will be recovered from a secure resource after user is securely identified. The secure resource can also wake up the Smart device (even from S0) and restore the encryption keys.
The difference between Verji Lock and the competitors is the proactive profile where the system and the files are locked with no existent key in the device when the user is not in control. As a result Verji Lock represents a new era in security for Smart Devices.

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